About the Green Technology Selector

Products, vendors and manufacturers registered in the Green Technology Selector are promoted worldwide as best-in-class green technologies. Clients are encouraged to choose them among others. Vendors registered on the Green Technology Selector can sell more high-end products to local clients.

Technology vendors are encouraged to register for free their technologies with this tool to make the best ones more visible to prospective local clients. Performance requirements for technologies and vendors are reviewed regularly and adjusted to reflect market developments.

By selecting to browse products in a country, the Green Technology Selector will list the technologies that meet the minimum performance criteria for that country.

Products listed in the country-specific Green Technology Selector meet technical performance criteria (“pre-approved”) and are considered pre-approved for green financing via local financial institutions.

The Green Technology Selector was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and co-funded by the European Commission, as well as supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance.

If you would like to know more about the Green Technology Selector please click the questions below.

What does high-performing green technologies mean?

High-performing green technologies mean that products comply with the Performance Criteria EBRD prescribed for the selected country. Performance Criteria are defined per technology category, per country. They require a performance improvement of at least 20% beyond a baseline of typical replacement technologies that reflects local market developments including technology costs and market maturity, thereby only promoting the higher-performing segment of technologies available on local markets.

How is eligibility of products checked?

When adding new products, the manufacturers and vendors are asked to provide the technical attributes of the products. The provided information is validated by the Green Technology Selector Administrator. The attributes are specific to each technology. The eligibility of the products is assessed automatically by the system, based on the provided attributes, against the Minimum Performance Criteria.

How can I compare products I sell/want to buy with similar ones?

The Green Technology Selector provides users with several filtering and sorting options. The users can also add the products to their list and review the list. All this helps to compare the products in a user-friendly interface.

Can I finance the purchase/increase of sales for green technologies?

Many green financing facilities use the Green Technology Selector as a basis to establish eligibility for technologies to be financed.