Why to register?

Connect with a large number of potential customers as well as financing partners at home country and abroad. The Green Technology Selector is a global, online shopping-style platform that helps manufacturers and vendors of green technologies connect with businesses and homeowners looking to purchase them.

Increase your brand awareness with qualified, best-in-class products. Products you register in the Green Technology Selector will be promoted worldwide as best-in-class green technologies and clients will be incentivized to choose them among others. The registration is free of charge, once you register your products, they will be online and always visible to all potential buyers.

Expand your sales channels. Products listed in the country-specific Green Technology Selector are considered pre-approved and immediately technically eligible for green financing via local financial institutions. This streamlined process helps reduce transaction processing times, particularly for small-scale investments commonly implemented by households and SMEs.

The Green Technology Selector makes the technologies you sell more visible to prospective local clients and is a new marketing channel for your products. The financing of technologies featured on the Green Technology Selector is done quickly, resulting in a faster turnover for your company.

Register now and benefit from the integrated yet simple system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being listed as a vendor on the Green Technology Selector?

The benefits you get from registering as a vendor on the Green Technology Selector are:

  • Addition of a valuable internet sales channel that is free of charge for you and your customers.
  • Increased outreach as information on your sales points and products becomes available to a large number of potential buyers.
  • Once you register your products in the Green Technology Selector, they will be online and always visible to all potential buyers.
  • Positioning as a leader in the sales of best-in-class green technologies.
  • A way to differentiate from your competitors that are selling similar technologies.
  • Increase in sales, brand awareness and number of customers.
  • Technologies listed are automatically eligible for green financing via local financial institutions.
How is the eligibility of products evaluated?

Each technology has a defined baseline, a minimum performance coefficient and up to five technical attributes. These are all defined based on the experience we have gained over the last 10 years of providing sustainable project financing. The system compares the product data you enter with that encoded in the system and evaluates product eligibility. If the product is eligible, it will then be additionally assessed by local experts.

Where are my products shown?

Products that comply with the eligibility criteria are displayed in the Green Technology Selectors of all countries where eligibility criteria are met.

Why should I register a shop?

When you register a shop, you are providing the contact data (address, e-mail, phone number, GPS data) which helps buyers find your shop and buy the concrete product from you rather than from your competitor.

In how many countries may I register my shops?

You can register shops in all the listed countries.